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Thursday, August 4, 2011

TI's OMAP 4 is the reference design for Android 4

Android 4 - OMAP 4. Not only the numbers are connecting both names. For the next generation of Google's OS, Android 4 alias Ice Cream Sandwich, will use the the OMAP 4 from Texas Instrument as reference design! Uhm? Why? What about Tegra 3?

Well, it seems that the rumors are right: nVidia seems to have problems with their latest Tegra generation or at least, TSMC is not able to produce these little 28nm chips (with a high yield), yet.

What does this mean for the customers? Well, the answer is simple: the first Android 4 smartphones and tablets (remember: The OS will be used for phones and tablets, too!) will feature a OMAP 4 SoC including the Nexus Prime!

Exciting news, isn't it?! Looking forward to the next few months!

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