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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New pics of Final Fantasy XIII-2 leaked!

Usually, each Final Fantasy game tells one epic story. Final Fantasy X was the first one to get a successor. Now, the 13th game of the series also experiences this honor. Probably at the beginning of 2012, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released. Read on for more infos and some new pictures!
Square Enix hasn't given away lots of infos, yet. But what we already know is the following:

  • there will be two new characters: Serah and Noel
  • the new "Cinematic-Action-Sequences" at which you need to press the right button at the right time
  • in order to perform a "preventive strike", you know have to attack your enemy at the right moment and no more from behind
And know enjoy our gallery:

click to enlarge each picture
 the all new character "Noel"


Tarif Lee said...

oh wow i cant wait for this game to come out! Is serah weapon a sword or a bow?

Brian92 said...

According to "FinalFantasy.Wikia" ( it's both - a Bow-Blade.

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