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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Rumor: New Nexus in November? No quad core?

The Nexus 4G??
New insider information about the Google Nexus 3! Our friends from BGR revealed that the new Google device, possibly called "Nexus 4G" (huh? LTE?) will be released in November this year.
Some specs were leaked, too! For some guys, this news might be a disappointment... there will be NO Kal-EL architecture inside; that means NO quad-core from Nvidia. Instead there will be a dual-core 1.2 GHz or a 1.5GHz inside (OMAP or Snapdragon; not sure yet). Not bad at all too, hm?

hmmm...yummy.. ice cream sandwich
The screen size is still unkown, but it is clear that it will have a 720p resolution. The RAM will be at least 1GB and there won’t be any physical Android menu buttons (looking forward for this!). Of course, the newest Google-phone will contain the newest Android software; in this case: Ice Cream Sandwich, also known as Android 4.0. The Nexus, probably built by LG, will be able to run 1080p videos and features a 5 Megapixel camera at the rear. There also might be a debut for a new sensor for mobile phones which are way more better in pic-quality, so the promise. Digicams, ade? We will see...

We have to admit, sexy specs although we are missing Kal-El...What are the competitors doing? New iPhone? Nokia WP7 phones? Meego devices? Samsung, HTC? So many questions.....This is gonna be a quite hot summer....

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