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Friday, August 26, 2011

Samsung is going to unveil the Galaxy Tab 7.7, Wave 3 and Galaxy Note at the IFA!

According to the friends of This is my next, Samsung is going to unveil three new devices at the IFA in Berlin next week! How do we know this? Well, it was discovered  in the app of Samsung called "Unpacked". There were three logos: Galaxy Tab 7.7, Wave 3, Galaxy Note.

Since we have no specs yet, we can only speculate about the feature list of the devices.

Ok, a new Galaxy Tab with a 7 inch display is not that big suprise. It was expected that the koreans would replace the current modell with a Honeycomb powered tablet (maybe also with a AMOLED and either a dual or quad core processor)

About the Wave 3: We are sure that it will run Bada 2.0 (since the SDK was released some days ago) and will be cheaper than the current high end Android smartphones (about 400$)

Sadly, we have no information about the Galaxy Note. CG believes that it might be the 5 inch Galaxy we reported about...

Stay tuned for further information....

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