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Thursday, August 25, 2011

CG presents... Minecraft meets Half Life - A mod which lets us create our own Black Mesa!

Okay, I have to admit: when I am not writing for CG or playing soccer, I play Minecraft!
Some say the graphic is from the mid 90's and there is no real goal in this game. This might be right, but which producer can allege that it sold a game more than 3 million times while it is still in the beta testing phase?

Todays "CG presents..." is about a very cool mod for Minecraft.

A guy called Juraj has released a 1,8 MB texture pack in which you can copy places like the legendary beginning of the game: the Transit System!
And that is not all: In the future, Juraj assured that they will also include the orginal enemys in the mod!

Here is the list of the features: 
  • Almost fully replaced terrain
  • Wool blocks representing various materials found Black Mesa
  • Paintings!
  • Carts, Boats and Signs
  • Fully redone GUI and HUD
  • Menu background, logo    
  • Armor
  • (possibly) Items
  • Mobs
Here is the teaser and pics of this very unique mod:


The Transit System

click on the picture to enlarge

So if you play Minecraft und you like Half-Life: Go for it!

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