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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kindle Fire: the iPad's hardest competitor!

If you compare the market share of all available Android-tablets to the iPad's, the result is pretty disillusioning. Even though Apple sells only the iPad and the iPad 2 and there are like 20 Android tablets available, Apple still has a market share 65.6 %.

Apparently, Android is going to have a slow start in that department - just like it did back in 2008 with the smartphones. But thankfully - for all Android lovers at least - one tablet gives us hope: it's Amazon's Kindle Fire. Read on to find out why.

Even though the Fire was only available for half of the last quarter (since November), it holds a total market share of amazing 13.8 % with 3.9 million sold devices. This is more than all the other tablet manufacturers sold together.

Samsung (e.g. Galaxy Tab 7.7, 8.9 and 10.1) and the American company Barnes & Noble (e.g. Nook, Nook Color) are fighting for the silver medal with about 1.3 million sold devices and HTC couldn't reach the winner's podium with 355.000.

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