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Monday, September 19, 2011

Galaxy Tab 8.9 to be on sale this week!

The wait is over! Finally, Samsung's 8.9-incher arrives at stores across the US! Best Buy seems to be the first to sell the device on September 22nd. Others will follow on the 25th. Read on for the pricing.

For now it's only the 16GB WiFi edition of the tablet which is available. And it's listed at $399.99. Pretty reasonable to our mind. And don't forget: In contrast to the 10.1-inch-version, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 does indeed have a microSD port. So you can buy a 32GB card for about $45 and than you've got 48GB on your small 8.9-incher.

Unfortunately, Best Buy and other stores aren't going to sell the tablet for the listed price of $399.99 but for $469 (16GB) and $569 (32GB)

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