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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

First Xbox 360 Gameplay-Trailer of Battlefield 3!

Seen all the pics and teasers of the most anticpated FPS of this year? But ever wondered what Battlefield 3 looks like on an Xbox 360!? Well, now you have a chance to find out...
Yes, we had our doubts about whether the console from Microsoft (remember: it was released in 2005!) was able to produce such an outstanding graphic. It seems that our concern was unjustified!

nothing to say...just WOW

Recently, DICE released a new trailer about a campaign mission called "Operation Guillotine"! And yes, the graphic looks still the same as on PS3 (ok, PC may look a bit better, but that was announced before)! Still don't believe? 
Check out the video and you will see that we didn't lie...

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