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Friday, August 12, 2011

PlayStation Vita - sooner than expected?

Not long ago, we informed you that Sony's new handheld is likely to be released in Japan first. But with a bit of luck, we can expect the Vita even still in 2011.

According to some rumors, the device's launch date is set to October, 28th 2011 - well, at least in the United Kingdom. Those responsible still haven't confirmed any of those rumors, not to mention the exact release date. For CG there are only two possibilities.

First, Sony's gonna release the Vita in Japan in 2011 and lets the rest of the world wait until early 2012. It wouldn't be the first time. Second, The PlayStation Vita will be released basically all over the world in the end 2011. Japan wouldn't be an exception. And most certainly, neither would be the United Kingdom.

Let's all hope, Sony goes for the second. Stay tuned.

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