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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Grand Premiere: Gresso introduces phone with $50,000 price tag

Got 50 grand under your mattress? No? Well, than you're probably not gonna be able to enjoy Gresso's newest masterpiece of their Avantgarde collection - the Grand Premiere. Read on to find out why anyone should even think about spending $50,000 for a smartphone.

Let's make on thing clear in advance: This is clearly not a phone with outstanding specs. It's running Symbian S40, has no touchscreen and you most certainly shouldn't bring it to a benchmark fight against current smartphones. So why buy it? We would say, for prestige. And the following materials can get you that without any doubt.

  • body (including the keys) made of more than five ounces of 18-carat gold
  • sapphire crystal skin
  • letters and numbers were laser-etched into the surface

And the other specs? Well, they haven't been announced, yet, But, as mentioned above, that's not something you care about when buying this kind of device.

Head over to Gresso's website if you want some more information.

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