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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Pic of the Nexus Prime! HD-display!

We just have to wait one more week for the presentation of the new Nexus, but it seems like we can announce what nearly every rumor was about: the Nexus Prime will feature a display with the highest resolution (in a smartphone) we have seen so far!

It seems to be true. The Nexus will feature a 1280 x 720 pixel display!
How do we know that? Well, this morning the guys of GSMArena released a pic about the Nexus Prime in which the line reveals that the display will be HD-ready!
Okay, actually the system info says 1184 x 720 pixels but this is just the area of the screen without the three integrated buttons of the latest Android OS (Ice-Cream Sandwich).

If we take a close look, the letters looks very, very sharp and we have no doubt that the pic is real...

Latest leaked Nexus Prime pic!

We're really looking forward to this. A Super AMOLED HD-display with the rumored 4.6 inches and a pixel density of over 320 will actually blow away every device on the market right now - including the iPhone 4S which is featuring "only" the old Retina display (960 x 640)!
Stay tuned!

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