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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Windows XP finally falling under the 50% mark!

2001 - One of the (if not THE) most successful softwares was released: Windows XP.
After ten years, the OS is still the most popular in the world. But it seems that the people are realizing (or they just bought a new PC/Notebook) that it is time for a change.
According to the guys of Tech Spot, Windows XP is finally falling under the 50% mark of market share!

Yes we have to admit, this is still very impressive. Let's take a look at the versions of Windows:

  • Windows market share in total: 87.66%
  • Windows XP: 49.94%
  • Windows 7: 27.87%
  • Windows Vista: 9.24%
  • older versions of Windows: 0.61% 

As we can see, XP is still the undisputed #1, but the market share of Windows 7 is growing very fast. 
What brings the future? Well, hard to say. We don't believe it is gettinig easy for Win7 to catch up XP. 
The reason: Windows 8 which will be released next year...

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