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Friday, August 19, 2011

HP wants to sell the whole computer sector - no further webOS devices, too!

Sad news for all HP fans and customers: The CEO of HP, Leo Apotheker, announced that they will never ever produce computers anymore!
That's not all: the company from Palo Alto also declared, they will discontinue to sell smartphones and tablets with webOS! The reason is obvious:

Their products are not competitive. Especially their webOS powered devices. But why? Where lies the problem? The OS from HP, formerly Palm, is very innovative and not that bad as it seems. It is clearly not the reason of HP's failure.
The team of CG believes that the company made several mistakes in the last month:

1. Waiting a long time to release a webOS powered smartphone after buying Palm
2. Nearly no marketing, neither for the Pre nor the TouchPad
3. No other company which uses webOS
       ---> nearly no devices in circulation
              ---> nearly nobody is interested in programming for a OS which nobody uses

The HP TouchPad

After all, it is quite disapointing and frustrating to see that such a good software is going to die....One more alternative to iOS or Android is dead.
R.I.P webOS!

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