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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This summer: HP TouchPad 4G...No LTE but better CPU!

Interested in buying a tablet, finally? Not sure for which product you want to spend your bucks? Yeah, not as easy as it seems...Well, it is not going to be easier in the future: AT&T plans to sell an improved version of HP's TouchPad!

So, what are the improvements?
  • the tablet features 4G; actually, no. Sounds funny, doesn't it? Yeah, it is true! It won't use LTE nor WiMax, but HSPA+! Hmmm, a bit strange to call it 4G, but okay...
  • a better CPU. Instead of the 1,2 GHz Dual-Core, it will be powered by a 1,5 GHz Dual-Core from Qualcomm 

    Sounds good, right?! Jep, we think so, too! Sadly we don't know anything about the price or the exact release date... but stay tuned for further informations!

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