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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rumor: iPhone 5 features no LTE!

There are nearly endless rumors about Apple and their iPhone 5. And of course, we have them all! Our friends from iSupply may have a very interesting news for you: It is about the connectivity!
As we all know, iSupply always looks inside of a device and tells us what it is worth. Remember when they said that the HTC Thunderbolt is quite expensive to build? The main reason is the LTE connectivity ($30 each unit!)!
That is why iSupply believes that Apple will only be 3G ready. It is not Apple's style to create a device which is up-to-date at any cost.
Sounds plausible. We say this rumor is right for about 70%. Can't believe Apple will pay more only for the LTE...Maybe they will wait for the iPhone 6....

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