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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Windows Phone 7 tablets! Microsoft wants to push Windows 8!

We will never see a tablet like this..
Ever thought about a tablet which runs Windows Phone 7? Great idea?! Not for Microsoft!
At the Worldwide Partners Conference the president of Windows Phone, Andy Lee, said there is actually zero chance of seeing a Windows Phone 7 tablet today and in future! 
Hm what does this mean? Well, the team of California's Gadget believe there is only one reason: Microsoft wants to push Windows 8; not only on PCs but also on tablets! Sounds logical, but Microsoft must be beware: Not using WP7 also means losing another year on the tablet market, which is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. As we can see on the smartphone market, it is not that easy to get a piece of the cake...

The GUI of Windows 8

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