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Saturday, July 23, 2011

New flagship of Motorola with 13 (!) megapixels

These days, it seems like the development of smartphones doesn't even stop for one second. They get thinner, lighter, faster and more and more powerful. And it looks like Motorola is one of the first - or even the first - companies to do the next step. With their new phone, codenamed Dinara, they push the smartphone heaven onto the next level.

 It sports a camera with breathtaking 13 megapixels and a true HD-display, meaning the resolution is at 1280x720 pixels. It's also gonna have 1GB of RAM and a processor from Texas Instruments whose GHz aren't known, yet. Rumor has it that the Dinara will look very similar to the Droid Bionic (picture below).

What Android version is it going to run? Well, the opinions differ on this questions. Some say Gingerbread, some say Ice Cream Sandwich. As the phone comes out at about the same time as Google's newest smartphone OS (at the end of the year), we would bet it's Ice Cream Sandwich. We from CG are extremely looking forward to see that stunning display the first time. Stay tuned.

the Droid Bionic

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