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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kobo eReader Touch Edition - one more to fight for the throne

The "Kobo eReader" in its "Touch Edition" is available within the US and Canada now. As for the touchscreen and the black -and-white Pearl E Ink it's very similar to Nook Touch. However, Kobos e-reader is thinner, lighter and smaller than the Nook but it still sports the same 6-inch display. Further on, for only $129.99, it's even $10 cheaper than the Nook. The only disadvantage we see, is that it only packs 2GB of internal storage from which "only" 1GB is reserved for ebooks. As 1GB is still enough for about 900 books, we think that's not too much of a bummer, especially because it sports a memory card slot for cards with up to 32GB of storage.

We believe, the "Kobo eReader Touch Edition" and the "Nook Touch" can fight to be the runner-up as the "Amazon Kindle" still owns the crown.

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