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Thursday, June 16, 2011

iOS 5 to be released in fall - we already know the features

Got an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 3 or 4, iPad or an iPad 2? Well, if you do so, you're gonna be enjoying Apple's latest OS for the mobile section. As mentioned before, Apple is going to release it sometime in autumn. But if you can't wait, check out our list of the most important improvements and new features.

  • first of all, now you can see new messages, mails, calls etc. right on your lockscreen and in order to go directly into it, you just press on the icon and "slide to unlock"
  • you've also got a notification bar now which you can just slide down from the top, no matter in which app you're in at the moment... yes, just like on Android
  • Twitter is now fully integrated into the OS and no matter what you'd like to post, a picture, a video or even a website, Twitter is just one tap away and it even adds your location... if you like
  • One feature that is limited to the iPads, is tabbed browsing: actually not much to tell about it, you're just able to open new tabs and switch between them just like you do on your Mac
  • in order to take a picture really fast, now you just need to double-press on your homebutton and a camera icon appears on your lockscreen, tap on it and the the camera app launches
  • probably the most important improvement: with iOS 5 you'll be able to sync all the stuff on your devices directly to Apple's new service called "iCloud", there you've got unlimited (!) storage for your photos and music and 5 GB for the rest, even updates for the OS will now come "over the air" which means you don't need a PC anymore if you don't want to
  • the new app "iMessage" is basically the same as the "WhatsApp" application, which allows you to send text messages e.g. for free using 3G or Wifi, the difference of iMessage is that it's fully implemented into Apple's basic messaging application and it recognizes if the recipient also has iOS 5 - if he does, it's free, if he doesn't, it will be charged as usual
  • if you think, the buttons on the keyboard of the your iPad (especially those in the middle of the screen) are hard to reach, now you can basically cut it in to pieces, one being on the left side of the screen and one on the right and you can reach even the "G" and the "H" very easily
  • and last but not least, if you own a HDTV with AppleTV you can now mirror the screen of your iPad right onto your TV screen using "AirPlay Mirroring"

We think those features definitely enhance Apple's OS and are looking forward to its release.

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